Enfilade, Remodeling, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Some scenes are best framed formally, with a doorway. Think ‘enfilade’ — a group of rooms with doorways in line, like this view at the Tate Britain.

Enfilade - Tate Britain

Yes, you can see all the way to the gift shop.

Or sometimes framing can be informal, with a portion of the surroundings —

Pulteney Bridge, Kayaks on the Avon in Bath

Kayaks under the arch of Pulteney Bridge in Bath, UK

But back to ‘enfilade’ — I’ll segue now to garden, and use this example from the tour to Glastonbury that Sam and I took in May.

Entrance to the Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury. And yes, we tasted the water.

Entrance to the Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury, UK.

I learned about enfilade from reading Tara Dillard’s blog.  

Meanwhile, on the homefront, there’s another kind of bath — the bathroom. This one has no kayaks and things are not so pretty. One bathroom is being demolished as I write…bang bang bang just overhead. Here’s the state of destruction at lunchtime…

Bathroom remodel during demolition

Framed by the doorway — gutting the bathroom, and oh how it needed it.  See that green strip on the bottom where the tub was framed in?  You can see that previous owners had it refinished from avocado green to white.

I used to think I could wait until avocado green and harvest gold were in again.  Now I realize that may not happen in my lifetime. I’ll stand by this quote from one of the comics in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago…

Everything I have is in that awkward stage between outdated and retro.

(“The Lockhorns” August 21)

What do you think? Do you favor new, or should I have waited for retro?


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10 thoughts on “Enfilade, Remodeling, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

    • My harvest gold blender and mixer (from the 70s) have lasted a LONG time. My harvest gold pressure cooker awaits being unpacked from a box in the basement. “They don’t make ’em like they used to” — The avocado tub was not so dependable. The white refinish-layer had cracked, it had to go. And, the rest of that bathroom was just awful. If your appliances are working, I think you can rock retro-avocado!

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