More Drawer Explosions, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

I’m living on the edge of reason around here while remodeling is going on. With everything out of place, I needed at least one corner where I could bring order out of chaos. I found two drawers in the “bar” cabinet (doesn’t every 1970’s suburban house have one?) that hadn’t been visited in a long time.  Here’s my most important find — as you can see, it’s a bit bunged up, I’m assuming from past use.

Panic Button

Panic button, also needed for Earth-evacuation in a ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ scenario. Oh wait, maybe that was “Don’t Panic”, much harder to do.

As for a list of finds, here goes —

9 wine-bottle corks. I gave away the wine, so that makes these how old?

12 clip-on flashing lights like we used a decade ago when walking at 0-dark-thirty in the morning.

3  can openers,  4 sleek mid-century-looking bottle openers, 6 can/bottle openers of the kind that were once called “Church-keys”, including a cute little folding one, and 7 corkscrews (4 I didn’t even know what were at first).

5 screwdrivers… now that I think of it, very appropriate for a bar area, at least in a bad-pun sort of way. Also 5 more pairs of scissors, and many little oddities. Here’s my favorite oddity…

Celebrator goat ornament

It took only a little surfing to find out that bottles of ‘Celebrator Doppelbock’ come with these ornaments on the neck. Bob loved his German beer, so it’s good to think that he once enjoyed the bottle this came from. Oh, and apparently bock means ‘goat’ as well as a type of beer, so mystery solved.

Also on the subject of German beer – more of Bob’s coaster collection – pretty, yes?

German beer coasters

And my nomination for the award for Most Out of Place — a fossil remnant from a past Gem and Mineral Show …

Fossil - Exogyra Cretaceous - Texas

Exogyra Cretaceous, Texas

And here’s the obligatory drawer-explosion photo, a partial-view, after throw-aways —

Another drawer explosion

Do you have any cabinets that need exploding?


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19 thoughts on “More Drawer Explosions, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

    • Don’t just feel good, feel really good — my whole house is overflowing chaos right now. I’m so far behind on everything I thought I’d get done since late August, I can’t think that I’ll ever catch up. Great to hear from you, blog-reading is another thing that I haven’t been able to keep up with. — Sandy (hoping this will soon be over)

  1. Exploding with a slew of treasures. Quite some finds, Sandy. That’s quite a few screwdrivers. You do wonder how you ended up with them. I do have a few at home and don’t know how I got them, lol. Coasters can last much longer than you think 🙂

    • Screwdrivers can come in handy when things come apart, better hang onto them. In the basement there are already at least two toolboxes here with a variety of them, among other things. I think he must have kept the coasters as art. They don’t appear to be used (hmm, maybe I need a coaster collage as well as a foreign currency collage?)

      • You are right. Come to think of it, screws come in different sizes too so a few screwdrivers at home can come in handy. A coaster collage. Good luck in fitting all the coasters side-by-side like a puzzle. They all come in different sizes…

      • I even have a tiny one for glasses. Once I went traveling without it and ended up begging for help at the Chicago art museum when one of my lenses fell out. (one reason to have contacts instead – no need for screwdrivers!)

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  3. I always have one junk drawer even though I try to clean it out yearly things find there way back. My mother had two, sometimes more. I loved rummaging through it on rainy days to see what treasures were hidden inside.

  4. Wonderful, exploding drawers!
    They’re known as Everything Drawers around our house, because everything gets dropped in there. However simple the filing system, I still can’t find stuff when I need it, so maybe I need to explode a drawer or two.

    • It’s a form of entertainment, that’s for sure. I need to set aside a special drawer for “things I still don’t know what are” – and, it’s always good for filling up the donation bin and the recycling bin. Domestic Archeology 101.

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