Dragon Con and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

I stared at these ladies for a while before it came to me — Lego Ghostbusters! It’s hard to get any more transmogrified than cosplay, so this week’s challenge gives me an excuse to share some photos from Dragon Con (Labor Day weekend in Atlanta).

Lego Ghostbusters at Dragon Con 2016

Lego Ghostbusters

Here’s one more for scale — dancing Lego Ghostbusters, not exactly high-stepping though.


Photo ops at Dragon Con 2016

Don’t get too close to the Transformer…

Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes from the Star Wars Cantena

Jivin’ to Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes from the Star Wars Cantena

Guinan from Star Trek TNG - Dragon Con 2016

And in a bar next door — Cheers from Guinan , Star Trek TNG

Dancers from the Sheraton Lobby

Dancers from the Sheraton Lobby

I could use some help identifying this ghost. (Pokemon, maybe?) Anyone know?

Ghostly costume

It was a little early then, but just right today — Happy Halloween!

Meanwhile, on the downsizing/remodeling front, house painters are here this week transmogrifying the exterior. But wait — it’s Halloween, maybe I should have waited a week. Those spider webs they cleaned off the windows could have served as decoration.

What are you wearing for Halloween?


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9 thoughts on “Dragon Con and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

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  2. Oooh, dancing Lego ghostbusters. It must have been rather hot for the people in those getups… But looks like they and the transformers seemed to draw a crowd. They must have some moves. Haha, that white thing does look pretty fierce, lol.

    I didn’t dress up for Halloween but really just wore my regular clothes. Yesterday on the way to work, free goody bags were given out and I took one – lots and lots of candy and chocolate! 😀

    • I didn’t dress up either, and didn’t get to give out (or receive) treats or even wear my usual spider jewelry, all packed away while remodeling. My exterior painters worked until dark last night, then I brought paint cans back into the garage so I wouldn’t be tricked overnight.
      Sounds like you had a good Halloween. I always wonder what Halloween is like in other countries. Last year we were in Belgium, and a little surprised it was promoted almost as much as it is here (but maybe not so commercial — our stores have Halloween merchandise out for WEEKS ahead). But then who wouldn’t want a semi-holiday promoting goodies?

      • I don’t think Halloween is as big here in Australia as in the States. Sure, you walk into the shops and see candy all on sale and bargain-price, but on the streets it’s a different story. Some workplaces here do have dress-ups for the occasions, though.

      • In the cities a lot of the malls and stores are set up for Trick-or-Treaters. Kind of a nice idea for kids that aren’t in small towns or suburban neighborhoods where they feel safe going door to door. A few years ago the fall-back daylight savings time date got moved later to be past Halloween (so it would be light a little later).
        Um, my brother remembers wild teenage tricks on Halloween in our small town. That was a decade or two before my time. I just remember soaped-up windows.

      • Soaped windows – sounded like they cleaned your windows for you. Once some Trick-or-Treaters sprayed sticky colourful thread all over my front door because we didn’t do trick-or-treating. My mum was so mad and it took her ages to clean it all off.

      • The sticky thread sounds a bit mean. Actually the soap was too – it was some kind of soap the boys put on the outsides of windows, mostly stores I think. It left a cloudy white residue, was messy and had to be cleaned off. When we’re young we don’t realize how much work it causes to do stuff like that. Trick-or-treat Karma will come around!

  3. As usual, an entertaining take on the weekly theme. I don’t know if you take more crazy pictures than I do, or if you just remember them perfectly when you see a prompt, but whatever your modus operandi is, it works! Always fun to hear about the house progress, too.

    • Well I do take a lot of pictures. I have trouble lately fitting them all in libraries in an organized way. Do you have any tips? I use iPhoto and had to break up into multiple libraries and keep some on external drives. And hard drives are smaller in new laptops, so what then? I know I shouldn’t complain, since it really is much easier with digital (says the woman with 3 big boxes of old negatives and at least that many slides and prints). So tell me how you organize — and thanks for the comment. I hope house progress is more fun to hear about than it is to experience!

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