Cabin Fever, Cabinet Fever, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

My fortune cookie said “Now is the time for peace in your life” but I can’t relax while I still have so many messy spots in the house. There’s still a long way to go from here to Hoarder Came Clean, but staying in on rainy days has been a big help. I’ll take every little victory I can.

My kitchen pantry cabinet went from piled up to somewhat organized… (in what universe do I need 3 boxes of cornstarch when I can’t remember the last time I used any?)

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Edited somewhat by the time I took this photo… and edited a bit more afterward.

Some pretty old stuff had migrated to the back — and why it was in the food cupboard is anyone’s guess. Here, for example, are the contents of a chocolate tin full of matches. My favorites here are like a story of my life.

Vintage matchbooks

Vintage matchbooks and boxes, and yeah, I’m pretty sure a matchbox won’t hold all my clothes.

Every place used to have matches to give away and apparently I liked to have them as souvenirs. Now I remember my onetime favorite Kansas City restaurants, long closed — The Souper, The Prospect of Westport; and restaurants from the UK, Athens, Amsterdam, New York City.  There’s Asti (NYC), where the waiters were opera singers and everyone waved white handkerchiefs and sang “arrivederchi Roma” when leaving. It might even still be there… ah, sadly, no, I just looked. It closed in 2000.

There are even matches from the Milgram’s grocery store chain, stores long since acquired. All this reminds me that I probably have a bigger collection of matchbooks somewhere. I presume they’ll show up in their own good time. As for now, I found a “lazy susan” in the basement and organized the cabinet so I can get to everything. I’m not sure what to do with all the matches. (Bonfire of the vanities?)

Here are my reorganized cabinets, upper and lower … oops, now I see I neglected to clear out the drawer between them. It’ll keep me entertained on the next rainy day.

Upper kitchen pantry-cabinet "after"They’re still too full. I’ll have to remember to cook from the pantry first, not from the grocery store. It’s past time to whittle down supplies. Meanwhile, I can relax a little, with one more corner at least semi-organized.

Lower pantry kitchen cabinet - "after"

Do you have any cabinets left to clean out? And can you relax until you do?

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31 thoughts on “Cabin Fever, Cabinet Fever, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

    • Yes, I guess I do– it’s the desire to move and have less house and lawn maintenance to eat up my time. You have your son to help with the burden, and also a family to visit for holidays, so I can see why you don’t have a reason to downsize.

  1. It’s okay to keep the matches. Dine by candle light even if it is only you and you’ll need the matches to light the candles.

  2. I will soon have a LOT of cabinets to clean out as we are going to list our house for sale in the coming months. I may have to start a new blog that is your blog’s sister …

    • That would be great – I look forward to that and will get some tips from you. In a perfect world I’ll be putting my house on the market in a few months. In reality it may take longer to get ready, but I’m really trying to focus on finishing up. Good luck to us!

  3. Any cabinets to clean out? What a question ~ all of them ~ and I seem to be well able to relax about them.
    Now those matches strike a chord with me as I was a collector too and still have various boxes. Son, Harry, has inherited that craze too but is very organised in how he stores stuff!

    • Now I would love to know how you and your son store matches. (and they do make dandy souvenirs) Hmm, I just remembered there’s an ammo box around here somewhere. I remember I was shocked when I figured out what it was, then I opened it and inside there were fireworks!

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  5. The kitchen! You’d think it is one of the more neater places at home given that food, well, we all eat food. Then again, as you have shown, we can accumulate packets and packets of food over time. When there is a sale or a promotion like 2 for 1 in the shops, it sucks me right in and I buy more than I need in a given moment. Junk food like chips on sale at the store does this to me…

    I feel I need a need and tidy home to relax in. It bugs me when things look out of place or worse, scattered all over the place.

    • You are so right on getting sucked in on those 2 for 1 promotions. I fall for it every time! Then I forget what I have. I think we need smaller cabinets so there’s not so much room to fill up. The lazy susan will help, dunno why I didn’t get that years ago.

      • Sometimes it is not a bad thing, forgetting what we have. There will days where I’m annoyed and it is a surprise to open my bag or cupboard to an extra chocolate bar 😀 I’m all for smaller cabinets, but I STILL have to have self-control – I really am okay with leaving things lying around in the open…

      • Well yes, a surprise chocolate treat would be a good thing. Right now with all the sorting out, I have way too many things lying out in the open, so it makes me nervous (that “hard to relax” thing again). Maybe I should hide some chocolate bars around to keep me in a good mood – and I think you’ve hit upon the key — I’ll definitely keep working on things if I think I might find chocolate!

      • Keeping treats hidden around the house is certainly a good incentive to move around the house. Just hope that any chocolate you find hasn’t passed by its expiry date by a long shot or worse, melted, and that would create more hassle to clean up 😉

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