Views, Tree-cutting Guilt, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizons

I miss having a view of the horizon. I’ve loved the trees here in Georgia, but they do obscure the view. Here’s my one sliver of horizon-view — can you see a little pink over the retaining wall? That’s the sunrise.  I didn’t have this view until a couple of months ago.

New retaining wall and sunrise When we moved here, there was already an oak tree towering over the driveway. At first, I parked my truck beside the wall, but surprise! —  the acorns fell from such a height that I got “hail” damage on it when they fell.

The tree was only a couple of feet from the wall, and not far from the foundation of my neighbor’s house on the other side. I did worry about it every time we had a storm, but worried more seriously when I saw that, with the old wall down, there wasn’t a tree root in sight. What was holding the tree up? By that time it was even taller, leaning slightly toward my house, and with most of its branches on this side. I still feel bad about this, but I had the tree taken down. That’s what gave me the sliver of horizon.

Behind the retaining wall

Here it is with the wall down — no roots!

Tree down in the driveway

Here’s the tree-top, down now, in my driveway. I didn’t have the heart to go outside.

Now here’s a horizon view from Sam’s condo in Midtown —

Western horizon view from Midtown AtlantaAt least it was the horizon view — now there are new business and apartment towers being built, and this horizon view will soon be slivers too.

Views can be scenes, perspective, convictions, and beliefs. I want to expand my horizons in all those ways. I’d like to find a place in the city after I get my house downsized — but I’ll have to remember that all views can change. Meanwhile here’s one more photo from the same location, a bit more panoramic, still “before” new towers.

Midtown Atlanta evening view

Here’s to 2017 — may all your new horizons be panoramic.  I’m looking forward to finding new views as well as new opportunities — how about you? 

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18 thoughts on “Views, Tree-cutting Guilt, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizons

  1. I just had to have 3 trees taken down that were endangering my house and my next door neighbor’s. Like you, I couldn’t watch them to the trees, but I was fascinated by the guy maneuvering the fork lift that were as deft as a danseur lifting the prima ballerina.

    • They are experts aren’t they? (and they have to be, it’s dangerous!)
      The trees I had removed last year were already dead, and that time I watched — amazed — they climbed to the highest point with their chain saws, and brought down tree-trunk sized branches right where they were aiming to.

  2. You did the right thing. This year in Melbourne (Oz) trees falling on houses in violent storms have caused a lot of damage. Unfortunately we are about to lose our view of the sunset. The next door house was demolished and the neighbours are putting up a huge 2 storey house that will block the horizon. Every tree and plant on the property was destroyed, including some lovely Olive trees. I will miss that view. But at least the sun rises on the other side. Kat

    • Oh, that’s scary – a tree falling on the house next door is too close for comfort. It’s too bad about losing your view of the sunset. One of my favorite past places was (believe it or not) my dorm room at school. I had a top floor room on the sunset side, and the campus was at the edge of town. I hurried back for the sunset every evening.

  3. I felt terrible when my neighbor took down a beautiful old elm on our property line (she said it was diseased but I think she wanted a bigger driveway 😦 ). However, the silver lining was all the newfound sunshine in our kitchen! I’ve learned this past year that city views give a whole new perspective in more ways than one and, more importantly, that changing our views is good for us!

    • I have to admit that I did appreciate having fewer acorns to clean up this fall. Maybe I won’t need to keep that scoop shovel now (it doesn’t snow that often). And you’re right – here’s to our evolving views! (change is good, right? — at least we hope so)

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