Packing Up, Living Without Books, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

I didn’t realize how lonely I’d be without books. Here’s my living room, with the once-messy shelves of books all packed away to keep or stacked to donate (except the Amazon-sale ones stashed away upstairs). I had to pack up for remodeling, so to keep from packing twice, the keepers will stay boxed up until time comes to move.

Living Room with empty book shelves and no paintings

Living room all packed up, with no books & no paintings

My “library” room — Sam calls it the MCM room since it’s more Mid-Century than the rest of the house — is bookless now too. Here it is in a state of packing up…

Packing up the books

What to keep and what to go?…

And here are some of the keeper boxes … what will I do while they are inaccessible?

Books to keep, all packed up

Some books to keep, ready to be packed away until I can move.

I’m accustomed to walking in any time and pulling out something to reference. It’s time to say ‘bye books, see you later. Just for now, I’ll have to cope with the solitude of booklessness (and be even more thankful for the Public Library).

Have you ever been bookless?

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6 thoughts on “Packing Up, Living Without Books, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

    • I DO love them. This week, from the library, I have You Are Now Less Dumb, by David McRaney. I’d call it a fantasy, when applied to me, but interesting nonetheless (and just reading the title makes me feel better!).

  1. I am almost bookless right now and not very happy about it. Hoping to be reunited with at least some of my library soon when I start the move from two cities to one, but depending on timing issues, I may not see my “friends” for a while! Meanwhile, a new small stack grows and awaits shelves!

    • Oh — a new stack — that is a hopeful image. I will have to see what I can do about a new (small) stack of my own. But, there is still the Library, and I have something ready to be picked up, so all is not lost.

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