Remodeling, Donations, Chaos, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

The painters are here – this one’s just a shadow shrouded behind a drape of plastic to keep out the dust. Things can get a little spooky looking when the light is just right…

Painter in the shadows, behind a plastic screenHere we are in daylight…

Painter in the shadows, behind a plastic screenAs you can see (off to the left) everything is piled up everywhere.

Here’s the kitchen last week when it was enshrouded too.  It’s pretty much cleaned up now, and a new fridge delivered too.

Kitchen under wraps - shrouded in plastic The old fridge, now donated, is currently for sale at the Fur Kids Thrift Store. It was working just fine, but updated for cosmetic purposes (hmm, now that I think of it, I could use a little updating for cosmetic purposes myself). Here it is taking its leave.

Old fridge loaded to Fur Kids truck

Out of the shadowy house and into the light — the old fridge gets loaded to the Fur Kids truck.  It’s too bad we can see one foot of the guy doing the loading — otherwise, it almost looks like it’s rolling itself out, leaning forward into a new life.

I’m delighted to have found the Fur Kids thrift store nearby. That makes two stores in this area that benefit animal rescue, Fur Kids and Rescued Too. They’re my new favorite places to take donations.

Fur Kids truck

I love the waving-kitty logo…

What’s your favorite place for donations?

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13 thoughts on “Remodeling, Donations, Chaos, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

  1. Looks like the your home is well protected. Plastic sheeting is fantastic especially when they are demolishing selected areas. We went through renovations of our kitchen and bathroom several years ago and it really helped with the dust. We gave heaps of stuff to local op shops (short for opportunity shop and like your thrift stores). These are run by various charity groups. Only problem is they no longer take electrical appliances due to safety concerns so we put them out to be recycled. Wish there was a store to raise money for animals nearby. Kat

    • Some places here no longer take electrical appliances, so I was especially glad when my first choice place wanted the fridge. I had another much older one in the basement that they didn’t want, so I had it taken to be recycled. It still worked too, but being old, was more expensive to run than anyone wanted. Thanks for words of encouragement on living through remodeling – sounds like you are happy with yours! (I am SO looking forward to the end of next week and getting through this phase) 🙂

  2. Looks like the renovation is going well and your stuff is well protected. Hopefully it is in and out for the renovators. I like trying to sell my stuff first on eBay if it’s still in good condition. Try to get a bit back from it. If not, to the bin if they are worn or to the Salvation Army.

    • eBay – yes! I have sold several little things lately. Right now have sorted out a shelf full of vintage china and “stuff” – might take a long time to list it though. (but getting a bit back would help pay the painters, right?)

      • Agreed that it can take a while for things to sell on eBay. I’ve had my things listed for three, four months before selling. Yesterday I sold two pieces of clothing in a two hours. What luck 🙂

        With what you earn you can offset your painters 🙂 I have to tell myself selling something on eBay is NOT an excuse to get new clothes 😀

      • I haven’t sold clothing much, mostly “stuff” but did sell some sweaters on eBay, and a couple of them took multiple listings to sell. Do you do auctions or list for a month as buy-it-now? I like auctions because the price might go higher, but then it’s only up for a week so not as many people see it. I’m always surprised by what sells well and what doesn’t. I guess I like the entertainment factor almost as well as the selling!

      • I don’t do auctions. Prefer to set my price so I know I get a certain price for what it’s worth. I’ve had quite a few offers from buyers – often requesting about $5-$10 off the price I’ve listed. Like you, I’ve had to list some of my stuff multiple times before they sold.

        I’m looking to sell a camera and its lens sometime soon, as soon as I figure out how to pack it securely. Hopefully that will fetch a nice sum 😀

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