Water Pipe Problems, Remodeling, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

I wish the water knew its place. That would be in lakes, streams, oceans, aquifers, reservoirs, water towers … and in the pipes on the way to our houses.  Hot and cold running water in the home is a wonderful 1st World benefit. I appreciate it every day — especially the hot — but when the water comes out somewhere besides the faucet, it’s no fun.

My latest problem started small, just a damp spot in the driveway… but a few days later it looked like this:Water pipe leak in the driveway Meanwhile, inside, attempts at putting my living room back together took a turn — this little desk decided to come apart on the way down the stairs. Sam’s back went out with it.

Collapsed desk

Meanwhile, here’s a view of the offending pipe – first in the ground…

Driveway dig - looking for the water pipe

Where’s the water pipe line? All the other utilities marked their lines, but with the water, apparently no one knows for sure.

And here’s the damaged piece. It’s hard to believe that little pinhole put out so much water…

Copper water pipe with pinhole What? You can’t see the pinhole? Here’s a closer look —

Water pipe with pinhole leak

Now Sam’s back is healing, and the water pipe and the desk are both repaired. My house-related wish for this coming week is progress. No more collapsing, no more one step forward, two steps back.

Beware the Ides of March today – and no matter how thankful we are to have them — beware the water pipes.

I know there are more important things than houses to wish for — and I have those wishes too.  What do you wish for today?

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12 thoughts on “Water Pipe Problems, Remodeling, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

  1. Yikes. so I shouldn’t say “when it rains, it pours”…. sorry, no more water in places it should not be, no more desks coming apart, and no more back injuries. Best wishes with your ongoing progress

    • Thank you – best wishes are accepted and returned. I hope you’re having a lovely spring (we’re having a cold snap just now, 23 degrees tonight). And yes, that water really does need to learn its place.

  2. Don’t hate me, but I just love the color of that pipe! I am surrounded by so many daily moving problems recently that I am learning to look for the beautiful and positive in all sorts of annoyingness. I am glad, though, that things are progressing less problematically for you now!

    • What a great comment – I love that you like the color, and after all it is genuine copper patina, and therefore desireable in places above ground. Maybe I can keep that piece of pipe to add to a sculpture someday. BUT — moving problems — I had not thought that far. Do you mean that all my problems won’t be over when I eventually sell my house? (well, dang) Here’s wishing we both find the beautiful and positive at each step along our roads. All the best — Sandy

  3. Poor Sam and hope he gets better soon 😊 Glad you showed us a close-up of the hole. I really couldn’t see it 😂 Leaks are the worst. You don’t know if the damage is done until the damage had really been done 😂

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