Boy Scouts, Gargoyles, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I wasn’t prepared to find a surprise tucked behind the last row of Bob’s boxes on the shelves in the basement …

Detail: Vintage Boy Scout backpack

Vintage Boy Scout backpack, lesson: “Be Prepared” for anything (especially surprises)

It’s big… did kids really carry these? There’s no knowing now if it was his own backpack or if he just collected it at some point.

Vintage Boy Scout backpack

Vintage Boy Scout backpack – 1950-something?

I’d never thought to wonder whether he’d been a Boy Scout. I don’t remember him talking about it. But, right after the backpack surfaced, I found this.

Astronomy Merit Badge

Get your Astronomy merit badge here…

And the morning after that I found a photo of Grade-School Bob in his scout uniform. Synchronicity strikes. But alas, I’ve already misplaced the scout photo. Since I am temporarily out of proof of that instance of synchronicity, I’ll submit the following instead.  Here’s a photo of Bob’s father that I found the same day. I first met him just before we three took this trip to Paris in the 1980s.

Ted (Bob’s father) with Notre Dame gargoyles — Paris, mid-1980s

Later on my same day of unpacking, this mouse pad showed up (remember mouse pads?).

Mouse Pad - Notre Dame Gargoyle

Do you recognize this face?

Little surprises like this keep me going. And, now there are only a few basement boxes left, then I’m moving on to closets and file cabinets.

Wish me luck on finally finishing?

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16 thoughts on “Boy Scouts, Gargoyles, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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  2. Sometimes the softest kinds of bags (the bags that can fold up) are the strongest and can hold the most compared to a rigid backpack. But choosing a comfortable backpack is always challenging. I hope you find that photo of grade-school Bob. Maybe it is just lying around somewhere. Or maybe it snuck back into the backpack. That backpack seems like something nice to keep 🙂

    • It’s “surprisingly” large, so I won’t have room for it – too bad. There must be someone nostalgic for boy scout past who will want it.
      And you’re right, the photo will turn up in time. I think there is always at least one thing that is lost. Sam found my once-lost sunglasses for me, so now the picture is lost for a while. I’ll find it when I lose something else.

  3. The one good thing about cleaning and unpacking is the chance of unearthing these surprise finds! These were good ones, and how weird (yet common, strangely) that they coincided the way they did.

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