A Perfect Vacuum, and the Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

It’s hard to be a nomad when you have to clean house every day. Why so clean? Here’s why —Home for SaleI’ve been downsizing for a long time now, but the last several weeks have put frantic full-time-focus on getting ready to sell. Finally getting a chance to get back to the blogging world is a good sign. I’m hoping my state of transience comes soon.

Staging is the rage for real estate marketing. Now, every morning I get up and set about obliterating all traces of my habitation. I polish the tub, shower, and sinks, sweep the hardwood floors, tidy up my workstation and put away all papers I had out the night before. Did I drink some coffee? Wash that cup! (or hide it in the dishwasher) Then, the very last thing — I vacuum the upstairs carpet. It’s new carpet, just installed June 5.

Here’s the thing — it tracks. I was so focused on getting a good neutral color that I didn’t even think about tracking. Now I see everywhere I’ve been. At first I cursed myself for not spending a bit more time to come up with a firmer weave carpet that wouldn’t show tracks. Then I realized, this could be an advantage.  When someone looks at the house, I can see where they’ve been!  Were they interested enough to look in the closets? Did they check the view out the window? Now I’m vacuum-obsessed.

Footprints in the carpeting

Bigfoot was here…(that’s me)

My staging-advisor asked what I was reading. “Get out an interesting book or two, put them on your nightstand,” she said, “make it look more home-like.” Mind you, this is after we’d de-cluttered like mad and (under duress) I’d sold, donated, or stored away most of the books. But, I’d hidden a secret stash in my car, so I took a quick look and came up with this —

Bedside Table: Vignette with Stanislaw Lem

Can you see the title on the bottom book?

Here it is in close-up —

How’s this for inspiration as I do my morning vacuum and step-erasure?

Wish me luck?

P.S. The top book is Chasing the Nightbird, by friend Krista Russell


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27 thoughts on “A Perfect Vacuum, and the Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

  1. Your wish is my command: herewith officially GOOD LUCK
    I do trust that those interested in the content of the cupboards do not declutter your home further by removing items, but then you can follow them!

  2. Love the book title. Vacuuming is never-ending. Hope you get a great result with your house sale after all that hard work. I have really enjoyed viewing your clutter.

    • Thank you — yes, I’m hoping. I’m a little late for the spring shoppers though. Can you believe I still have clutter? Now that things are settling down a bit it’s time for the little hidden-away dresser drawers and such. “It’s always something!”

  3. So that’s what you’ve been up to! BEST of luck with the house sale! We listed and sold in February, and if I’d had to stay in there much longer once it was officially decluttered and transformed into a model home of sorts, I would have screamed. The hardest part was making the shower and bathroom look like no one had ever used them, let alone an hour ago! Hope it goes fast!

    • Oh my yes, the bath tub, the shower, the towels! (don’t get me started!) And someday – soon I hope – I will find all the little lost things I’ve tidied up off the counters and hidden who knows where because I’ve already got rid of whatever I used to keep them in. You were smart to get listed earlier in the year. I tried, but just couldn’t make it in time. Congratulations on your quick sale, and I look forward to catching up on blog-reading… Sandy

    • I’m OCD along with you. (but frugality is important too) Today I’ve been contemplating a “Roomba” – that is, until I saw how much they cost. It was a fine fantasy. For that, I think I can spend an extra 15 minutes vacuuming every morning.

      • Ah, floor vacuums that move on their own. They do cost quite a bit. Agree with you. I’d rather spend time with the manual vacuum cleaner – and get a bit of a workout myself in the process. Even if I did have a Roomba, I’d wonder how smart if will be to clean up every nook and cranny of the floor.

      • Now I went on Amazon to read some reviews — some I have to wonder if they’re real (hard to believe someone could make up a story as awful, yet funny, as the one about Roomba finding the pile of dog-doo and spreading it, no, flinging it, all over the house!). I see now that Samsung has one that is more squared off, so gets into corners better. But, way outside what I’d want to budget. It’s tempting to have something that keeps things always clean, but I guess I’ll keep getting my periodic arm workout with broom and vac.

      • That is hilarious to hear that the Roomba can fling do-do around…perhaps some things it really can’t just clean up. Come to think of it, don’t think your average manual vacuum cleaner is cut out to clean up after stuff like that.

      • Yes, but the advantage with the manual vac, at least you can decide for yourself how to clean it up. Roomba makes her own decisions! Maybe I will decide to get one eventually, say to celebrate when I sell my house and have a new place.

  4. May the real estate gods be kind to you. Perhaps you will inspire me to start blogging again? I’ve been very slack lately and don’t even have a clean house to show for it!

    • Thank you for the well wishes – I feel like I sacrifice to those real estate gods every day. Do please get back to blogging – I think of you often and watch for a post (even though I’m not ready for witchetty grubs!)

  5. Wow you have really decluttered. I remember when you were sharing your adventure in decluttering this last year. May the best buyers show up at your door, love your home, accept your price and release you to a new adventure.

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