The Best Way to Find Lost Things, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

The best way to find something lost is to lose something else.  It’s a complicated dance. It’s as if, in order to find the lost thing, something else must go missing to leave room for it to waltz back into my life.

A few weeks ago I needed my old TWA employee number and guess what, I’d just shredded a file cabinet full of paperwork.   Still, I knew I’d seen an old access badge somewhere. Could  the number be on it? I looked everywhere I could think of, but it remained stubbornly  lost.

Then I needed a pre-phone address book but couldn’t find it.  That must have triggered a call for the badge to come back. I took innocent hold of a dresser drawer handle and the entire drawer jumped out and emptied itself at my feet.

Dresser Drawer Collapse

No, “Up Your Kilt” is not what I was looking for.

And guess what was in the drawer — my badge. I found the number, but my old address book is still lost.

I’d forgotten this dresser drawer and it yielded some crazy stuff.  Among the old employee-anniversary pins, notebooks, and archived glasses were these three kinds of cards.

Computer punched cards

Punched cards! This dis-assember deck would have been Bob’s

Punched cards are nice to for turning over and writing lists on the back.  (In case you’re a compulsive list maker)Grannie Smiles card

This tiny playing card must be leftover from a long-ago and now forgotten deck. That bird looks a little predatory to me, but Grannie seems happy enough and has a cat to keep her feet warm. TWA Term Pass From my TWA Term Pass – I thought I’d hit the jackpot with this card BUT it doesn’t have my employee number on it.

I wanted to photograph the badge I found when the drawer leapt out at me, but now it’s disappeared again. I guess that means it’s time for the lost address book to come back.  But never mind, I’m satisfied, I found the number I needed  — or it found me — and have already sent away for my retiree standby card.

How do you find lost things?

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4 thoughts on “The Best Way to Find Lost Things, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

  1. I am a relentless searcher for lost items. I cannot bear to lose things, and when my kids were younger (well, actually, even now that they are many miles away!), I would make them retrace their steps or their memories until the thing was found. In spite of generally knowing where all my things are at any given time, I do have some drawers that look like yours! I just know each one’s contents – for example, I know I can probably find my Transco Energy mini Swiss Army knife under the stamps and the screen-cleaning cloth! 🙂

    • I love it. One nice thing about having my house for sale is that it forces me to be more disciplined about keeping “everything in its place”. One not-as-nice thing is that I got rid of so much, and also packed up some things, that I can’t rely on memory about where things should be, or the things they should be with. At least I don’t have as many junk drawers as I used to have.

  2. Great story and so true. For me there are two kinds of lost things. The first are the things you have gotten rid of and then go looking for (then finally remember you threw them out) and the things that are really lost somewhere in the house. I try to have a system where I keep memorabilia and important documents together and this usually works but there is often something misplaced. Sometimes you go looking and can’t seem to find it and then come back and it mysteriously materialises in the very place you thought it would be in the first place. Things can be invisible at times if you are not looking at them from the right angle so it is a good idea to change your position and look again. But maybe it’s just those gremlins trying to trick us.

    • Oh yes, I have spent time looking for things and finally remembered they went in the garage sale, or were donated. But the mysterious ones that appear where you know you’ve looked more than once — my theory on those is that they’ve gone temporarily into the alternate universe. I like the idea of looking at them from another angle though (and I was just thinking this morning, while working outside, how that sometimes works with weeds – I think I’ve got the back yard looking quite pristine, then I walk through again an hour later and find weeds lurking where I was so sure I’d pulled them all)

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