Toadstools, Hurricane Irma, and Two Weekly Photo Challenges: Structure, and Waiting

I always get a thrill out of discovering quirky creatures and features in the yard. One sunny day last week I discovered this toadstool mound. I was so taken with its structure that I was ready to use it for the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s almost a toadstool cliff-dwelling…Toadstool moundThen Hurricane Irma headed this way, and even though we’re far enough inland that it was “just” a tropical storm, the structure I thought about most was my house. Why?  Lots of trees — tall, with shallow roots. Forecasts of 50+ mph winds had me worried.

Pine trees with squirrel

Someone else is waiting for the storm.

Backyard trees

The back yard needs to stay vertical too.

I know the storm danger here was nothing compared to devastation in the Caribbean and Florida, still, for the last two days of waiting out the storm my mantra was “Trees – please – stay vertical.” I worried so much that I left and went to stay with Sam.

Coming home I found that so far, so good, the trees are straight up, the squirrels are fine, and my structure is safe. Sadly, the toadstool mound is not. It was one of several around the yard, and they’ve gone wherever toadstools go. I’m hoping the Irma-rain will sprout some more.

Meanwhile,  why do you suppose I’m so hungry for mushroom soup?

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8 thoughts on “Toadstools, Hurricane Irma, and Two Weekly Photo Challenges: Structure, and Waiting

  1. Glad your trees are still standing after that awful storm. We have seen some of the coverage on CNN and have been shocked by all the devastation and hope that things improve for those affected. Like your toadstool mound. If it is damp you should get more. Last Autumn some mushrooms sprang up in the same place twice in our garden. One year we had some that were the size of saucers but have never seen that kind again. Fungi are fascinating.

    • I had a saucer-sized toadstool or two a while back. (snails ate them) Then after that some tiny-tiny ones that I found had sprung out of the stem of a fallen leaf. I love finding the various kinds. Thanks for commenting, and, I’ll keep watch for more.

    • Thanks for your good wishes, and yes, there are always more toadstools/mushrooms somewhere. I know I must miss some good ones. I’d been out clipping ivy for quite a while and must have passed by this one a dozen times before I finally saw it. After that I found more and more.

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