Castleberry Hill, Bonsai, Downsizing, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Saturday’s Castleberry Hill Loft tour reminded me that I didn’t get a chance to share these photos from last year’s tour. This year’s tour stops were all interiors, but last year’s tour included a garden.  Here’s a bonsai for scale —

Bonsai garden: 2016 Castleberry Hill Loft tour

Tiny tree, complicated roots…

Downsizing trees — this might be one way to have a personal forest for people who (like me as of October 6) don’t have a yard. This one was a paradise, and perfect viewing for a clear blue October day —

Bonsai garden: 2016 Castleberry Hill Loft tour

Bonsai garden: 2016 Castleberry Hill Loft tourAnd, backing up for an overview —

Bonsai garden: 2016 Castleberry Hill Loft tour

There’s Sam in the background under the awning, “getting his 500 words in”, talking to the gardener.

An aside on downsizing — after all this time I’m still not quite downsized enough to be Hoarder Came Clean. Moving day arrived too quickly for me to finish, and I still have a storage bin (or two) to empty.

Wish me luck on that?

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13 thoughts on “Castleberry Hill, Bonsai, Downsizing, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

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  2. What a stunning garden. Such beautiful bonsai. Despite their small size they are really lush and green and I’m sure, the result of a lot of hard and careful work. For those with little space you could still be a dedicated gardener with these plants. Good luck with getting rid of the last of your hoard.

    • It is a wonderful freeing feeling to be working on the last of the hoard. I stopped at an antique store yesterday (to leave something, not to buy something) and didn’t even look at the treasures within. I put my Christmas cactuses in foster care, I wonder if that’s why I went looking for photos of a garden to post? Thank you for the ‘good luck’ — Sandy

  3. I like how you say a few plants can make a personal forest. Very clever, and it’s interesting how a few plants can change the ambience of a place – making it more cozy, more sheltered, more welcoming. Good luck with the storage bins. For me it takes forever for me to get rid of stuff because I get so attached to a lot of the things I own.

    • Yes, attachment is a perennial problem of the human condition. I am so slow at downsizing, I think because I want to say a fond goodbye to the memories the stuff evokes. Then there is my frugality and my desire to put stuff on eBay. Thanks for the well-wishes — Sandy

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