Lofts, Stairs, Castleberry Hill, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

One of the things I love about lofts is that they can be so, um, lofty. That means they have stairs, and in many and varied forms. Here are a couple of my favorites from an October outing to the Castleberry Hill Loft tour.

Castleberry Hill loft stair

The ascending view, with a spiral staircase, colorful art, and a fabulous gallery wall above.

Here’s the descending view. I’m always leery of tumbling down, so I like to lurk about until Sam goes first, then I stop, catch my balance, and take a photo of him. 
Spiral stair, Castleberry Hill loft

Here’s another staircase, from another elegant and art-filled space.
Castleberry Hill - Loft stair ascending


… and the descending view.
Loft stair from top - Castleberry Hill tour

In transit between homes, we encountered this chicken, who had just crossed the road.

Chicken in the road; Castleberry Hill

Chicken in the road: no word on why he crossed it….

Do some lofts have a view from the top? Well yes. On this rooftop, Sam pointed out that we could see the building where he lives… here, it’s a tiny spire in the distance.

Rooftop view, Castleberry Hill loft tour

Now in an up-and-down-again, there-and-back-again, across-the-road-again way, the next photo is Sam’s view back toward Castleberry Hill. The stadium building (with the Mercedes sign, on the left in the photo above) is barely visible on the horizon in the lower right, below. It’s just above the red V-for-Varsity sign.

View south from midtown Atlanta

View south from midtown Atlanta

So we’re back again and ready for next year’s Castleberry Hill loft tour.

Do you have a favorite local homes tour?


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And, some information on next year’s Castleberry Hill Loft Tour

8 thoughts on “Lofts, Stairs, Castleberry Hill, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

  1. Ah, lofts. They always come across as so cozy, especially those loft bedrooms. If it has windows, a loft can seem much more airy and spacious than it seems. Every now and then in Melbourne we have open house tours, and we get the chance to see small self-designed houses. It is like another world when you walk into someone else’s house and see how they have it all set up 😊

    • You are right, it is another world. I am such a sucker for house tours. When I was remodeling, I liked to go to get ideas on fixtures and faucets and such, but I love it for looking at art and furniture ideas too. And I love those spiral stairs, even though I realize I would not love them in the middle of the night (!)

      • You do feel sucked in to house tours when they do not charge a fee 😛 The choices on how to to remodel your house is endless. Spiral staircases are lovely to look at – but they give me a headache because I am not too great with heights, lol.

      • Yes and not just the remodeling ideas, but a chance to see the view! All have different rooftops or balconies or porches, and the rooftops are especially interesting (even though it may take a spiral staircase to get to them)

  2. Beautiful lofts but those stairs are not great for moving large objects. I hope there was also an elevator in the buildings otherwise you might need a crane!

    • Like Amsterdam, with those hooks up high and big windows on the top floors — right? I’ve seen things going into NYC apartments like that too. I guess you have to be creative about that or just have tiny furniture.

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