Sunset Views, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

A balcony facing west is prime viewing for sunsets. Lately I’ve been complaining about losing the view of the horizon, with so many new buildings going up. I love looking at the cranes for their interesting patterns and angles, but not the new construction. One thing though — more buildings mark their places and emphasize the changing position of the sunsets. In winter the sun sets as far south as the Biltmore tower on the left. 

Atlanta - March 6 pink sunset

A pink fluffy sunset – early March

Here it is along the way… but since I took this photo it’s already “traveled” north to set behind the tall building to the right…

March sunset - Atlanta

Next is about as close as I can get to a sunrise photo — a reflection of light from the east. Jet trails are always a bonus…

Atlanta - April 1 sunrise reflection

If you look really close you can see the tiny full moon (setting) just off center to the right. It played a little April fool joke and didn’t focus well for me in close-up.

As for rising and setting, a hard-drive crash last weekend made me realize how much “the sun rises and sets” on our devices, and how, without care and multiple back-up, all our projects could disappear in a bit explosion. I’m still restoring. It’s all there, just not as easy to put back as advertised.

— Have you backed up your files lately?

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2 thoughts on “Sunset Views, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

  1. Ahhh, backing up files … a sore subject. My computers were stolen about a month ago, and I had not backed up for about a month before that. Unfortunately, I had written a huge travel itinerary, additions to a novel, an essay for a contest, etc, etc, that I lost. :((((((( I have learned my lesson. Well, sort of, I just got the reminder that I now have not backed up for 11 days. See you later – I’m off to find my external hard drive!

    Sorry about your crash. Meanwhile, the sunsets are a cheerier topic – very pretty!

    • So sorry to hear your computers were stolen – that is an enormous loss for so many reasons. Do you have an online backup service in addition to your external drive? I’m always afraid my external drives will bite the dust too; and after all they are in the same home as my computer (though I used to send one home with Sam if we were on vacation, so I’d have a copy in two places).

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