Using my Car as a Storage Bin, Missing my Truck, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

 I’m still downsizing, even though I sold my house and moved last October. At least I’ve gone from three storage bins to two, but I seem to be stuck getting to one. Here’s what happens when I take stuff out of storage but I don’t want to bring it into the condo where it will be in the way…

My car - my storage bin

My car – my movable storage bin – and this is just the back seat. The trunk is full too. That Ohaus scale is a real oldie, once used for measuring out photographic chemicals. 

I got into this mode of movable storage when I still had my (beloved) truck. While parked in the garage at the house it was also handy for accumulating donations and recyclables, then for delivering them. I bought the truck in 1990, before moving to the Atlanta area. It was not so easy to drive in the city, but I still couldn’t seem to give it up even after buying a car in 2005.

My 1990 Nissan pick-up

Here it is last fall, parked in its foster-care driveway, waiting to be donated. It’s gone on to a new home now.

I need to get over the bad habit of car storage. On the night before I left town on a trip last week I noticed I’d sold a book on Amazon. Where was it? Oh yes, it was in my car. In the trunk. Somewhere.

Car Storage - Full trunk

Oops, where are the books? — a classic case of “Hello! This is the Universe; you really need to get organized.”

I trekked down to the parking garage at 10PM, pulled everything out of the trunk, found the book and took it along with me the next morning to mail on arrival.  What was the book?

Droodles # 1, by Roger Price

Droodles – “riddles expressed in visual form”

Here are some examples…

Droodles - Spider Doing a Handstand

The next page assures us it could also be “Total Eclipse of the Sun on a Stick,” ” Family of Worms Stuck in a Caramel apple,” or “Frightened Mop.”

Droodles - Fat Man Smoking

I think this one looks more like a turtle. Of course, that may be because I spent a good part of the morning watching and photographing turtles in the lake at Piedmont Park.

Droodles - Man in a Tuxedo

… or a turbolift, if you happen to be a Star Trek fan.

Now it’s time to start answering the call of the Universe and sort out some “stuff”. I’ve been trying to get organized for years now, so wish me luck on that?

P.S. Now, what’s stored in your car?


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12 thoughts on “Using my Car as a Storage Bin, Missing my Truck, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

  1. Hi! I wish you the best of luck not using your car as storage! As for mine, we have one small car for a family of 5, so we cannot leave anything in the car. We keep a small snow shovel, an ice scraper and a small medical kit in the car. That’s about it.

    • Thanks- I kept my car so clean when I was car pooling that it’s quite a contrast with how it looks now (I have parking-lot shame!) but there is hope of getting out of that second storage bin soon. It sounds like you are super organized…and prepared for emergencies. Thanks for the well wishes.

      • Wellllll…our car is organized. I’m not going to say anything about the rest of the house (though I did recently tackle the garage). 🙂 And we live on the Canadian prairies, so the shovel and ice scraper are a necessity.

      • The garage is a big step – or at least mine was. We seldom need shovels here in Georgia, but frost scrapers can come in pretty handy. I brought my shovels from the midwest when we moved here, and mostly used them to scoop acorns out of the driveway.

  2. Very clever of you to use your car as a storage space. I’ve never used my car that way except for putting a few odds and ends in the boot – if I out anything on the seat and people can see them through the window, On afraid they might break into my car. At home, I like to use the dishwasher as a place to stack my clean dishes and cutlery…never for its intended use lol.

    • I do worry a bit about the break-in target aspect of having stuff in the car. But my boxes are so junky looking, hopefully not desirable. That’s brilliant about using the dishwasher. It’s got all those handy racks and compartments, so why not? Now I’m thinking they should make kitchen cabinets with interior shelves like dishwasher shelves.

      • Some people who are desperate might just dive in to your car if they want to. But if you live in a fairly secluded area, then perhaps nothing much to worry about. Exactly. The dishwater has all those handy racks and they always fit plates of all sizes.

      • Well, for a day or two this week I had the back seat cleaned up. But now it’s starting to fill up again. And on the dishwasher racks, now I’m thinking there might be an after-market for racks out of old dishwashers — they could be installed in cabinets! I should have saved the old ones when getting a new dishwasher.

      • An after-market for racks out of dishwashers…you might be right. It also isn’t hard at all to take out the racks from the dishwasher. They could even double up as places to store (thin) files, magazines and books.

  3. I see others have mentioned break-ins … my neighborhood in Houston is prone to constant car thefts (of the stuff, not the cars, usually), so we cannot leave a single thing in sight in any vehicle. I’m sort of a neatnik and my car is pretty pristine, but I do have a few closets here and there where things go to hide! My husband is a different story; he is a paper hoarder (old articles, receipts, un-dealt with mail, …) and in the past I have bought organizers, then bins, then whole pieces of furniture to accommodate his junk. When we moved, some of it went away, but I fear it is growing again. And yes, the trunk of his car is full of stuff!

    • I do aspire to a neat car and much more time has gone by than I meant to,transporting stuff around. There’s the problem of theft, but also, I’m using extra gasoline hauling more junk! Your paper hoarder story reminded me of Bob’s (my late partner’s) Karmann Ghia in the 80s. He had the backseat, such as it was in a Karmann Ghia, full of junk mail and papers from work and (sadly) empty cigarette wrappers. Something about quitting smoking must have helped, because he did better with the next car. He still hoarded “stuff” in the house though. And I’m still finding funny little things I didn’t know I still had.

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