Snow, Thanksgiving, Aerial Views, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cold

Thanksgiving week in the midwest — need I say more?

Thanksgiving snow storm

Snow at the house next door: I love how a blizzard gets creative with drifting snow. Check out the roofline — how does that even happen?

Snow basketball at Kansas City airport

Snowbound basketball goal: a view out the window at MCI, the Kansas City airport. I have to wonder who plays basketball there (and why they aren’t loading our bags or putting more snacks on our plane – isn’t it all about us…?)

Snow on the ground - Aerial view, leaving MCI, Kansas City to Atlanta flight

You’d recognize me on any flight. I’m the one in the window seat, monopolizing the view. Especially if there’s a smokestack with the light behind it.

Aerial view, Missouri river and snow

The Big Muddy (Missouri River) rolls on… aerial view, leaving Kansas City

Sometimes it snows in Atlanta too. Here’s an example from last year, looking down on the parking lot next door…

A little night parking on Peachtree St

A little night parking …

Have you been snowed in lately? (one day was enough for us)

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6 thoughts on “Snow, Thanksgiving, Aerial Views, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cold

  1. Lol at the why they weren’t loading more snacks in the plane. Speaking of that, I heard potato chips are the most popular, sought after snacks on planes. I’ve never been snowed in and actually have never seen snow. I like the warmth and heat and try to be where that is 🙂

    • Potato chips! (I may have to move to Australia) I haven’t had potato chips from our airlines. It’s mainly pretzels, peanuts, or Biskoff cookies. On snow: there are good parts about snow days (besides getting off school and going sledding) — there’s extra down-time to catch up on reading and writing and comfy things with no guilt about shirking other chores. And then, when the warmth and heat come, they are SO appreciated.

  2. Ouch – this reminds me why I am so happy to no longer be living in Chicago! I like snow … for a few days, as a visitor, and preferably under sunny skies. There are some pretty parts (like that fun roofline), but the aerial views of the ground half snowy, half gray/wet just depress me. Glad you got a little wintry feeling over Thanksgiving but hope you are staying warmer in GA! (I’ll get my dose over Christmas in PA!)

    • I thought I’d miss snow big-time when we had to move to Georgia years ago. Now I’m like you– it’s a fun thing to visit. This trip, Sam got to scoop snow for the first time, and bonus- even got to scatter the salt. I hope you have a good Christmas in PA, with or without snow, and without slippery drives to the airport.

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