Compost, Tree Removal, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

What’s beneath my feet? It’s the spot that held what was left of last fall’s giant leaf mountain, created when raking the yard in November/December. I forked the remaining foothills into the compost bins a couple of days ago.

Compost: aka 'black gold'

Compost: aka ‘black gold’

Every fall there are way too many leaves to fit in the compost bins, so the leaf-mountain grows beside them. Then the seasons turn, the compost shrinks, and eventually it’s possible to get everything in.

Compost bins are full

Here’s the row of bins, all topped off.

Dead tree overhead

You saw what’s underneath my feet — now look up. See what’s over my head?

I hurried to clean up the compost area so a tree removal company could get through to take away this dying oak tree.  It was leaning toward the neighbor’s house.  What’s sadder still — it wasn’t the only dying oak, there was another one, even bigger. Here’s a “Where’s Waldo” type photo of one of the tree removal guys at work (orange shirt, very high up).

Tree removal

And a closer look —

Tree Removal, detailI would have nightmares after a day of climbing like this, especially with a chainsaw hanging  beside me.

After they left yesterday, I was disappointed to find a lot of smaller limbs they should have picked up, but left lying on the ground, and a trail of empty plastic water bottles they left behind littering the woods. They mashed one of the other compost bins, knocked off the top of my neighbor’s fence, and if I count tree stumps, I see an extra —  they must have clobbered and taken out another small tree near the bigger one out back.  It seems unprofessional that they didn’t mention any of these things. Now I know it’s necessary to watch more closely, even when there are chainsaws involved.

As for the compost, there’ll be fewer leaves to feed it this fall… R.I.P. beautiful oak trees.

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