Bee Feet, Chocolate Shoes, Very Spiky Heels, and the CFFC Photo Challenge: Feet

There’s diversity of foot size in this post. Let’s go small-medium-large…

Bee feet clinging to the butterfly weed

Bee feet. This one was snuggling the butterfly weed in Piedmont Park on Sunday morning.


What goes on feet (unless they’re bee feet)? — shoes of course. But I saw these in the window of a candy store in Asheville NC.

Asheville NC - chocolate shoes

Not quite life-size, but almost. I say the bigger the better if they’re chocolate.

Moving on to real shoes…

Red shoes with lobster - in a NYC window

Seen when window shopping in New York City. Candy-colored but not candy – would these be appropriate for a meal at a ‘Red Lobster’ — that is, if you ate lobster?

These are impressive too…

NYC again. These have a look of speed, ironic, for something that looks hard to walk in. If super-heroes wore spike heels (and *sigh* if they’re women drawn by men I suppose they do) then these might be just the ticket.

One more. Where else but NYC? These spiky ones remind me of the bee feet, and they could be a little difficult to wear if you can’t fly. 

There. I got my shoe-fascination taken care of for a while, thanks to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

What do you think – where would you wear shoes like these (well, except the chocolate ones)?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (Part 2, mostly shop windows)

I saw this window full of red lingerie in Copenhagen and immediately thought of Battlestar Galactica…. what, wasn’t that your first thought too?   Six, the slinky Cylon often found in a skimpy red dress and red spike heels, might enjoy shopping here. (WW6D?)  I thought the disembodied red leg in the middle of the window was a nice touch.

Something for Battlestar Galactica's Six to wear.

Something for Six to wear. Fellow BSG fans: could a shop like this have saved Caprica?

Copenhagen SMK: In museums, I’m always on the lookout for people who match the art.

People matching art, Copenhagen SMK, National Gallery of Denmark

Copenhagen SMK, National Gallery of Denmark

Still in Copenhagen, window shopping again: Sam noticed the pooch on the desk before I did. It’s views like this that make window shopping so much fun. You can see me in this picture too — see the reflection of my point-and-shoot camera and the blue shoulder of my jacket?

Inside the lighting store: a helper on the desk.

Inside the lighting store: a helper on the desk.

Through the same window:  Lamps.  See why I didn’t notice the dog at first? I was busy gawking at these.

Lamps: cute in Copenhagen.

Lamps: cute in Copenhagen. Now if only they’d had a chicken.

Vintage shoes in Reykjavik:  Shoes again. What is my problem?

Reykjavik vintage shoes.

Reykjavik vintage shoes. And they’re red! (Six could wear these too)

Red shoes at the Atlanta Botanical Garden: Wait, how did this photo get in? … oh, there’s the top of the greenhouse that’s sort of a window, and of course, there’s me getting carried away with the shoes.

"Orchid Daze" 2013, Atlanta Botanical Garden.

“Orchid Daze” 2013, Surrealist fun at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

And one more: Shoes in a shop window, New York, January 2013. A little something to deter muggers? What do you think — kicky or kinky?

NYC shoes: dressing for self-defense?

NYC shoes: dressing for self-defense?

I couldn’t resist adding this second Windows post, or rather, this “Son of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows” post.

How about you — do you have a favorite place for window shopping?