A Rainbow of Quilts, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

I can’t resist sharing a few more quilts from the Georgia Celebrates Quilts show. These fit nicely into this week’s Roy G.Biv photo challenge —

The Way Out - Margaret Williams

The Way Out – Margaret Williams

The quilter based this work on a photograph she took when emerging from the Tottenham Court Road tube station in London, 2010, and made it for her guild’s “Inspired by Travel” challenge.

This next one’s called “Let Your Light Shine”

Let Your Light Shine DSC00333And a detail shows just how much light there is. I’d never seen sequins or “sets” in quilts before this, and there were several examples in the show.

Quilt detail - Let Your Light Shine - Mary Mattimoe, quilted by Regina Carter

Quilt detail – Let Your Light Shine – Mary Mattimoe, quilted by Regina Carter. I love the sun-motifs with shining rays.

Quilt detail - Let Your Light Shine - Mary Mattimoe, quilted by Regina Carter

A closer look, quilt detail  (sunshine after the rain — I’m beginning to see the light)

One more, and this one’s more obviously rainbow-themed — an applique of colored strips in rainbow order applied to seven colors of gray fabric, adapted from a pattern published by Kansas City Star Quilts.

Rainbow Explosion - Jan Cunningham, quilted by Bella Bamert

Rainbow Explosion – Jan Cunningham, quilted by Bella Bamert.

As for my downsizing projects, work goes on.  This week’s progress: selling a box full of books, a 29 volume set of vintage 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica I found in the basement. It’s always dangerous to sort though books, and the detailed articles, wonderful illustrations, and fold-out maps in this set were tempting me big time. I knew I couldn’t keep them though, so I listed them on eBay. I was feeling quite triumphant when they sold (who knew that anyone besides me would be attracted to vintage encyclopedias?) that is, until time came to pack and mail what turned out to be just over 87 pounds of books — but now it’s done and I’m glad they’re off to a new home.

Oh, and who is Roy G. Biv? He’s the acronym for the seven colors of the rainbow: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet. I’ll bet the encyclopedia knows about him.

 How long has it been since you’ve seen an encyclopedia?

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12 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Quilts, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

  1. Love how you captured the bright glint off the quilt. Marvelous shot. All very pretty and cheery quilts too. If I ever got one as lovely and colourful as these, I don’t know if I’ll have the heart to use them. Good job on selling the books. Off to a new home, off to good use and another life. To be honest, the last time I’ve seen an encyclopedia was many, many, years ago…these days, there’s the internet 😀

    • Yes, I can’t remember the last time I saw an encyclopedia before I opened that box — but then I got suckered in. (I do get the “On This Day” email from Britannica though)
      Thinking back to these three quilts, all were of the size to be wall hangings, so, no worries on using them on beds, just treat them as paintings. Thanks for commenting Mabel, it’s always good to hear from you!

  2. What awesome quilts. I had some my grandmother made, but she used cheap fabric and they literally disintegrated. So sad. I’m happy the encyclopedia’s found a good home and hope the buyer paid the shipping costs!

    • VERY sad to lose your grandmother’s quilts. I have 2 from my maternal grandmother, one a flower-garden pattern and one a comforter made from flower-printed flour sacks from the 30s. I thought I was saving them for my nieces, but everyone has bigger beds these days. As for the encyclopedias — thank heaven for media mail (and I built the shipping cost into the price).

  3. The quilts were quite beautiful! My daughter just had one made for her son who is expected in September. I am sure it will become an heirloom one day. Her mother-in-law is in the process of creating one as well. Wish I knew how to quilt, maybe one day I will try! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for looking — I love quilts for beds but also love it that many of these quilts were made as wall-hangings. They can be out and appreciated all day, not just when it’s time to snuggle under them.

  4. I really love the Rainbow Explosion quilt! I also love how you always manage to weave together your overall blog theme and the Weekly Photo Challenge – great job!

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