Finishing Touches, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

I never have enough excuses to share my photos from Home Tours, so I’m happy to post some of these finishing touches for the Cherry on Top theme: “a little enhancement that makes a good thing better.”

On the Modern Atlanta Homes tour, some style their homes with striking vignettes or floral arrangements. Here are some from last year’s tour…

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour - floral

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour - floral

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour 2015

Some have quirky touches in the kids’ rooms …

O for Octopus at the Modern Atlanta homes tour

O is for Octopus alphabet wall decal, and watch out, here comes a matching 3D octo-window…

Modern Atlanta homes tour 2014

Some have one touch of vintage to set off a spare ultra-modern interior…

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour 2015 - vintage typewriter

Vintage typewriter and…

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour 2015 Phone Booth

How would you like to have your own phone booth? (Could this be Clark Kent’s house?)

Meanwhile, the cherry-on-top for me this week was taking an afternoon for serious paper-decluttering. Think four bags shredded plus two large trash-bags ready for the recycle bin. The end may not be near, but it’s nearer.

What made your good week even better?

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top


13 thoughts on “Finishing Touches, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

  1. Well done Sandy! My cherry on top was finishing a craft project I had been working on all week. The Cherry was sitting outside in the garden in the sun and just crafting all afternoon. We don’t get many days that are sunny and warm in the North of England.

    • Here it’s so sunny and hot just now that sitting outside can only happen early or late, but I do remember that sublime feeling of being able to get outside after days of cloudy and cool. Congrats on your craft project – it’s a good feeling to finish, especially a complex week-long one.

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  3. Love this post, Sandy.
    Mad as it may seem, I miss Sweet Pea like my father grew it – nurtured it- just down the road from me. Mine has never been the same and it’s nothing to do with climate etc.

    • My mother loved sweet peas, and we used to plant a row in the garden every spring. It was such a joy to us to see the flowers, among the earliest in spring, and to pick little bouquets for the table. At my last house, I planted the perennial kind that climbed up a trellis – I love sweet peas too but especially because she did. I think I’ve seen that they can be planted here in January, and now you’ve inspired me to try!

      • That’s good about the inspiration.
        I have the perennial ones as well but they simply aren’t the same especially when it comes to shades, fragrance and scent. Maybe, I’ll have another shot at the annuals and give them the love they deserve.

      • I need to hurry with my inspiration, would really like to have one more year of garden, then move. (it may take me that long to get some of the current planting straightened out – we’re having quite a drought this summer and along with the heat, it’s taking its toll) Do be sure and blog your Sweet Peas!

    • Ah – just noticed which post. Thanks for commenting wherever… guess I just assumed it was on the surprise lilies. “which post” is a silly detail when our minds are on our gardens — thanks, Sandy

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