Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, what a contrast not to mention a surprise. I didn’t expect to find comics when cleaning out the basement. Yes, Lois had a job as a reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, but wasn’t the main purpose of her existence to be in peril, so Superman could rescue her?

Contrasting oldie comics: Lois Lane and Wonder Woman

Lois Lane or Wonder Woman?

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman was out there on the front lines, saving her boyfriend and, oh yeah, the planet. To be fair though, Superman spent a lot of time rescuing Jimmy Olson too, and darned if I didn’t find a Jimmy Olson Comic in this lot. I’d forgotten the Lois and Jimmy had their own spin-offs, but now that I think about it, there were separate comics for Superboy (young Superman, of course), Supergirl (Superman’s cousin), and even Superman’s dog (Krypto). When will it end?

Here’s another contrast.

Contrast in the comics: Archie and Superman

Contrast in the comics: Archie and Superman.

Isn’t it a little scary to think that these stories help shape our young minds? See Reggie in the window? For how many years of my childhood did I believe that people partied with lampshades on their heads? Or flew, or wore bat-suits… things like that.

When I unearthed my little stack of comics, of course I had a nanosecond of hope for a million-dollar find. No such luck, unfortunately. But did you notice the original prices?

Contrast in the comics: original prices for Lois Lane and Wonder Woman

Contrast in the comics: original 10-cent prices for Lois Lane and Wonder Woman

Now life and comics go on (though for a considerably higher price). Some of them even became graphic novels. And presumably Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Lois, and Jimmy are still out there somewhere, saving the planet while coping with myriad love-triangles, and I’m here in my temporary fortress of solitude, simplifying my life and cleaning out the basement.

Do you know where your comics are?

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12 thoughts on “Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to reading them… makes me feel like I’m 8 yrs old again and hanging out at the drugstore waiting for the new comics to come in. (Hera help me be disciplined and get all this stuff sorted out!)

  1. Oooh comics! That’s like finding treasure! I assume you will sell/donate them once you’ve read them (after photographing for posterity) so they don’t stay clogging up your basement – you’re on a decluttering mission, after all!

    • Yes, they’re just here for the short term. I’ll experiment with selling a couple of them, but I doubt they’re in good enough shape. Still, I thought that about some of the books and was surprised when they sold. Now, what to do with the Princess Leia soap…

  2. Ahhh, a trip down memory lane! I read a lot of Archie comic books in the 90s and early 2000s. Whenever I had spare pocket money as a kid in Singapore, I would spend them on Archie comics, buying the thickest issues in the bookstores. Usually had to buy the back issues as I couldn’t afford to buy the more expensive latest ones. When I moved to Melbourne, I threw them out. Very sad.

    10cents for one…I think you’ve got a fortune of comic books there, Sandy. I hope you entertain yourself with them all over again. Trip down memory lane is priceless 🙂

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