Five Photos/Five Stories, & the Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy, Part 2

Sorting through yet more basement stuff, I came upon a box of pulp sci-fi magazines from the 1960s through 1980s. How about it — brains, anyone? …

Fantastic Stories cover - August 1961

Maybe instead of ‘Part 2’ I should honor sci-fi conventions and title this post ‘Son of Creepy”…

These days we’re more worried about the Zombie Apocalypse than what went on in Atlantis. The characters with open skulls would look mighty attractive to our zombie friends.

Of course I can’t resist posting some more of these great vintage cover illustrations. Here’s a sea serpent of unequal heads, ridden by what appears to be a spaceman in a cape. I wish I could find attribution for these pictures, but I don’t see a signature, or even a credit inside.

Fantastic Stories cover - May 1961And this faun is a ringer for a younger David Bowie, though I suppose he was still in school in 1961.

Fantastic Stories cover - July 1961 When I found these pulp ‘zines I thought I had a collector’s goldmine, but there doesn’t seem to be much demand for them. I’m considering framing a few.

I don’t think they’re too creepy to be art, do you?

As for Five Photos the rules are: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph, and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge. With thanks once more to Jean at Social Bridge for nominating me for this blogging challenge, today I’m passing the torch to Pip at Sustainability Soapbox.

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8 thoughts on “Five Photos/Five Stories, & the Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy, Part 2

    • It looks like people do sell some of them on eBay, but they don’t bring much. I sold a few Amazing Stories this week and when mailing them, learned magazines don’t go as media mail, had to scramble for an affordable way to send them. I’m planning to keep a few for the illustrations, so thanks for the tip.

    • I’m keeping an album cover or two to frame (no David Bowie but I did have a nice Brahms complete with hedgehog) so maybe the David Bowie cover would be a good segue between music and sci-fi. Thanks for the comment — Sandy

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