A Way Forward, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

I’m not sure if this is a path or a dry creek bed (is that symbolic or what?).  Whichever it is, I see that the way forward is somewhat obscured and, like my own way forward, could use some decluttering.

Path or Dry Creek?

Path or Dry Creek? It’s tough going forward when you’re not even sure of the path.

Here’s the path over the path – a covered footbridge from yesterday’s walk. In this view, the library is behind me. I hope that’s not symbolic…

In this view, the library is behind me, I hope that's not symbolic

Here’s a quote I got through the Unclutterer, referring to a post on Declutter 101 about establishing “Clutter Preserves” — I love it!

“Accept reality by establishing dedicated clutter preserves. Like wildlife preserves, these are limited areas where clutter may live freely, so long as it stays within boundaries. In a bedroom, one chair becomes the clutter preserve. Clothing may be thrown with abandon, so long as it’s thrown on the chair.”            … from Declutter 101

And yes, my clutter preserves definitely need to shrink. But now I have a name for them. It’s surprising how much that helps. Once recognized, I can more easily establish boundaries, and with current clutter contained I can spend more energy on unpacking boxes and dispersing the archived clutter that’s been roaming freely throughout the basement for years now.

One problem with letting clutter roam free is that it’s then able to go forth and multiply. Here’s to birth control for clutter. Mine definitely needs it, does yours?

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17 thoughts on “A Way Forward, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. Love the way you said it, Sandy. Birth control for clutter. I suppose that is a desperate measure to keep it all contained. I too have a clutter preserve chair in my bedroom, and it holds jackets, shorts, sleeping clothes, even some stuffed monkeys. They probably grow over time, as in your case and can be hard to tame…

  2. It’s so hard to wrangle that clutter to the ground and contain it permanently! We just filled a dumpster this weekend with 20 years of stuff. It was quite painful but also freeing. Still more to go …

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Happy New Year to you too! — and a dumpster full of stuff is a lot, pretty amazing. I’ve been going through my (too many) cookbooks to see what I can donate. Now my problem is desire to make copies of recipes — and how is that better than keeping the books!. Sam’s been copying some to pdfs for me, instead of paper, at least that’s virtual clutter.

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