Clean Hoarding, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

I hope I haven’t given the impression that we were dirty hoarders. One of the main things Bob
“collected” was cleaning supplies. My reserve supply is proof: here’s what’s left of the cleaning-hoard in the cabinets on top of my washer/dryer.

The cabinet on top of my laundry.

Here’s what I have left after 8 years of cleaning, and donating supplies.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg on mildew-cleaner (front row). He had a thing about mold and scrubbed the showers often.

After Bob’s death I had to face the basement alone.  His collection of cleaning supplies took up so much space that I moved a lot to the garage shelves just to clear a path. I made up boxes of things to give friends, and to donate, and as time went by, I set about using things up. The amount of paper products was staggering. If I hadn’t given away so many paper towels, I’d have enough for at least three lifetimes.

A domino effect of cabinet/garage cleaning (still not finished, so no after-photos yet)  resulted in my realization that I might fit this stuff into one cabinet. So this is it, minus the paper towels and … well, several things stowed under the appropriate sinks.

I’d like to switch to the newer eco-friendly cleaners, but if I give the old ones away, they’ll still be “out there”, so I suppose I should use them up myself. Last year I noticed too late that on Earth Day, Whole Foods invited customers to bring in old (harsh) cleaning supplies and trade them for new (eco-friendly) ones. I’m hoping the offer’s available again tomorrow; I’d like to take them up on it. But, I’d also like to know what they”ll do with the old stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m eager to try soap nuts, which I learned about on A Steward’s Heart blog.

As for my cabinet of supplies, I’m glad it’s semi-organized. And just to prove that I’m still working on my monumental task (see previous post), here’s a photo of something that once was on top of a real monument.

Do you know which monument this belongs to?

Do you know which monument this belongs to?


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16 thoughts on “Clean Hoarding, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

  1. You’re doing so well with such a big task, I’m really impressed. People think decluttering means getting rid of junk or trash, but usually the problem is just the opposite – lots of things that are useful, beautiful and meaningful to us, just TOO MANY of them!

  2. I love your opening line, Sandy. Hoping that you haven’t given the impression that you were dirty hoarders! Glad to see you’re making progress, and hope you get to try soap nuts soon. Thanks for the link, too! Because I hope many more people will become as nutty about soap nuts as I am!

    • I think there are TV programs about hoarding where people have piles of rotting stuff, so I thought I’d better make it clear that I just have a regular house. And soap nuts sound like not just an eco-friendly option, but an economical one. Thanks again for writing about them.

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  4. Wow, that is a LOT of cleaning products! Very neatly arranged though – or is that for the benefit of the photo?! : p I never imagined your house to be dirty. Cavernous, yes, considering how much you seem to find in your basement, but not dirty. You pay too much attention to detail for that to be the case!

    I can honestly believe that you had enough paper towels for three lifetimes!

    • They’re neatly arranged because I haven’t had to disturb them since I put them there (a few months ago now). They’re the supply I’ll use up as I empty the open containers under my sinks. Now, looking at them, I just shake my head and think “all that plastic” — but the most economical thing for me to do is go ahead and use them up, so that’s what I’m doing. As for the paper towels, I used to think “for the next millenium” but 3 lifetimes was probably a closer estimate.

  5. I just started reading your blog. I did not get the impression that you were a dirty hoarder either. Your basement stairs seemed clean before you painted and your utility closet just seemed full not gross.

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